What sets Krueck Sexton Partners apart is our ability to realize a project's hidden potential. We leverage its competing elements and constraints to create opportunities to increase impact and value.

Taking the client's goals and budget as our own, we bring to every project both curiosity and a breadth of insight from across an intentionally diverse body of work.

The result is environments that fulfill client needs and support their aspirations and elevate the human experience.

The firm was founded in Chicago in 1981 and is grounded in the pragmatism and clarity of the city's architectural heritage. Wherever our work takes us, we are committed to using design to address some of the greatest challenges of our day.

We love what we do.
We check our egos at the door, approaching our work, clients, and each other in a spirit of openness and possibility.

This drives the choices we make — including the diversity of our portfolio, our commitment to the city of Chicago, and our advocacy of the Architecture 2030 goal to mitigate climate change.

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Catalysts for change.
Social innovation, equity, and dignity for all.

Since 2013, KSP has invested over 1% of our time for pro bono architecture services into the greater Chicago community — we’re not slowing down. Find us on 1+

In FY 2020, we have increased free and reduced-fee services to partnering non-profits and community organizations.

  • I Grow Peace Campus
  • All Reimagining Chicago, and
  • Zara’s Center & PG Family Foundation in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Image Tom Jacobs at I Grow Peace Campus, Opening Event

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Advocates for the future.
We believe that design has the power to improve cities and lives, and every project presents opportunities for positive impact.

Together with our outstanding clients, as well as through research and design competitions, we promote healthy, vibrant, and sustainable communities.

Architects Advocate
In 2016, KSP Partner Tom Jacobs co-founded Architects Advocate for Action on Climate Change, a nonpartisan grassroots action platform of over 900 design and construction industry firms and over 2,500 individual members. K+S is proud to be a seminal member of the network and remains active in its fight against climate change. Learn more.

Environmental Stewardship
KSP is an early adopter of the 2030 Commitment, which requires participants in the building industry to track climate-friendly design practices and pushes them to integrate increasingly efficient, renewable, and innovative energy systems.

We help clients pursue environmental excellence in their project, meeting our own goals and the programs our clients would like to meet, including LEED certification.

Culture for creativity.
Whether in the office or online, our interactions and practices are a dynamic place for discourse where design issues are openly debated.

We empower each other and share ideas to design meaningful, resilient spaces.

One of our partners describes our team as —

Deep Bench | Bright Designers
Idealist | Future Focused
Intentional | Conscientious of Culture

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