Creative Activism Now: Tom Jacobs at UHM

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Creative Activism Now: Zeitgeist and The Practice of K+S
Tom Jacobs
February 4th, 2019 I 6 p. m.
University of Hawai'i
School of Architecture

In his lecture "Creative Activism Now", Tom Jacobs will be presenting the work, practice and zeitgeist of Krueck + Sexton Architects - as part of the "Talk Story Sessions" at the University of Hawai'i, Monoa's School of Architecture.

From UHM School of Architecture's website:

About Krueck + Sexton Architects:
"Composed of highly-skilled professionals with a broad range of experiences, skills, and interests, the K+S team reflects our belief that collaboration is essential to great architecture. Everyone operates on a level to make smart decisions. This multiplies our design intelligence."

About Thomas Jacobs, AIA, Partner:
"Tom is a true leader with an approachable personality and a free-flowing style. His collaborative creativity brings out the best in our team, forming a work culture and agile team structure that can rapidly adapt to today’s changing market. His matter-of-fact sensibilities are the foundation for his value-driven business approach. He is amazingly focused and detailed, a people-person open to shared ideas — a contrast client’s, teammates and students all appreciate.

Especially passionate about the architect’s responsibility to healthy and livable communities, Tom cofounded the action platform Architects Advocate, a nonpartisan grassroots network to promote action on climate change. Tom also spearheads projects which positively affect disadvantaged communities, and he actively inspires and encourages the AEC community in this mission.

In 2012 Tom was recognized by the AIA with the Young Architects Award for his infectious guidance and aspirational outlook of the profession. An adjunct Associate Professor at the Graduate Program of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology, he challenges his students to be purposeful in creating their own path from talented individuals to transformational leaders in their careers and communities.

Tom is frequently asked to speak for academic institutions, industry events, professional advocacy organizations and in corporate settings, contributing to the reputation of our firm as a thought-leader for change.

He first joined Krueck + Sexton Architects in 1997 after receiving his Diploma of Architecture from the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich."