Connection and engagement are central to the missions of arts and culture organizations. We create compelling, navigable spaces to encourage meaningful interaction and celebration. Explore

We seek new approaches to creating healthy, engaging urban environments and experiences that resolve the rapidly evolving challenges of our time. Explore

Successful places of learning and leadership allow individuals and ideas to flourish. We design welcoming, adaptable, transformative environments that foster exchange and ignite imagination. Explore

A home, above all, is a place of refuge and renewal. We create sheltering spaces, focused on fundamental human needs — sensory and emotional — that promote well-being. Explore

At home and abroad, we create iconic, resilient, occupant-centered environments that support the commitment of our civil servants, recognizing their contribution to our society. Explore

Truly sustainable places allow employees to thrive and organizations to grow, just as they should support the overall health of the broader environment in which they operate. Explore