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Reflections — From There to Here

A wonderful review of our new monograph "Krueck + Sexton: From There to Here" by Blair Kamin featured in the Chicago Tribune:

"From the glass-block towers of Millennium Park’s Crown Fountain to the faceted facade of the Spertus Institute to a series of geometrically rigorous houses, Chicago architects Ron Krueck and Mark Sexton have made elegant contributions to Chicago’s cityscape.

Although this monograph is sure to be a marketing vehicle for them, it has enough depth to separate it from the genre of the slick but vacuous coffee-table book.

Dixon, former editor of the now-defunct Progressive Architecture magazine, contributes an insightful introduction that establishes the attributes of Krueck + Sexton’s buildings: meticulously studied proportions, the use of light as a design element, and a seamless integration of space, structure and materials. As Krueck writes in his own short intro, “The path of our work was furthered by the making of our work.”

Reflecting the firm’s near-obsession with geometry, the 20-plus projects (both built and unbuilt) explored in the body of the book are organized by shape: rectangles, curves, facets and combinations of the three. A floor plan and multiple color photos illustrate each project.

The book ends with a bang: Krueck + Sexton’s federal office building in South Florida, a faceted, curving, light-filled gem set amid wetlands and palm trees."

- Blair Kamin, Chicago Tribune

"Krueck + Sexton: From There to Here" is available now online and at your local bookstore.