MAREDI Design Features Gabriel Wilcox on The Green Route Podcast

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Gabriel Wilcox, Director of Sustainable Design at KSP, was recently featured on the MAREDI Design podcast, The Green Route, an internationally recognized studio focused on regenerative design. The Green Route considers the possibilities of how we can all attain a more healthy and sustainable life. In episode nine, "The Imperative of Nature in Design" Gabriel shares insights on rebuilding the relationship between nature, us, and our buildings.

Gabriel spoke with The Green Route hosts and founders, Marc Lambert and Diana Savic-Jambert, about biophilic design and how incorporating these design principles is essential for humans to thrive in their environments.

Mother Nature Rules - The Imperative of Nature in Design with Gabriel Wilcox

Gabriel Wilcox specializes in high-performance sustainable buildings and where design begins with intensive research to understand the culture, climate, and context of the site.

"We started to extract ourselves from nature. Our modern society today is very extractive. We spend the majority of our lives indoors, in vehicles, and trains. That connection is weakening. We once had a very strong, innate connection to the natural world and its systems, and now it is fleeting. That is something we have designed into our world today and our lives, but it doesn't mean we can't design ourselves out of it."

Gabriel Wilcox, Director of Sustainable Design, Krueck Sexton Partners