KSP Welcomes Gabriel Wilcox and Michael Johnson

KSP welcomes two new hires, Gabriel Wilcox, as Senior Project Leader and Michael Johnson, as Senior Architect to the firm. ­­

Gabriel’s first project with the firm is the modernization of the Silvio J. Mollo Federal Building located in New York City. The project is a 10-story, 160,000-sq.-ft. building which will encompass replacement of all major building systems, modification to the base building structure, and the installation of a new high-performing building façade.

Michael’s first project is the 130 N. Franklin site, in downtown Chicago. It is an envisioned site of a new modern building with world-class amenities — to become rooted in Chicago’s high-rise architectural language. Michael will also focus his efforts on the GSA Ball Building project, a renovation of an existing building in Woodlawn, Maryland.

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Gabriel Wilcox, AIA, LEED AP, CPHC, NCARB - Senior Project Leader

Gabriel specializes in high-performance sustainable buildings. In particular, he believes that design begins with intensive research to understand the culture, climate, and context of the site and only then can you create solutions for the most pressing issues of today. Gabriel’s diverse background experience in construction, civil engineering, and architecture have provided him with a well-rounded understanding of the industry necessary for integrated design.

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Michael Johnson, AIA, NCARB - Senior Architect

Michael received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Michael now brings more than 15 years of experience working in the Chicago area. He has worked on projects such as public service buildings, K-12, and higher education. He truly shines in his knowledge of building systems and components. He brings innovative and new ideas to the table, while also considering constructability and cost.

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