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University of Chicago – Center for Decision Research (CDR)

Chicago, IL


Lerch Bates People's Choice Award — Community and Cultural

Photography: Jacob Hand | Jacob Hand Photography + Motion LLC

Photography: Tom Rossiter | Tom Rossiter Photography

The Center for Decision Research (CDR) at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business welcomes Mindworks, a behavioral science discovery center. Housed in the Railway Exchange Building, beyond the historical significance to the City of Chicago, it is distinct for its daylit interior space. The iconic terracotta facades on Jackson and Michigan continue inward to an ornate atrium, which have been re-invented with the addition of a new food hall dining concept by DMK.

The one of a kind 2,500 sq. ft. space is free and open to the public, and features both a working laboratory that invites people to participate in studies that examine the science of judgment and decision making.

Leveraging the atrium became an important design consideration that KSP and Pentagram used to shape Mindworks’ new space. The architecture is conceived as a series of cubes, which contain testing and interview rooms, within an open gallery to allow for clear views when entering from Michigan Avenue. The tops of the cubes are kept low to allow the high ceiled gallery to flow around and above. In conjunction with daylight cast above the cubes, simple materials of dark terrazzo flooring and blond wood were selected for ease of care and visual clarity that complement the interactive exhibition elements.

The interactive exhibits allow the public to explore, in a hands-on way, a range of foundational theories and discoveries from behavioral science. The marquee exhibit features two main parts: first is an infographic mural explaining the ideas of Choice Architecture and “Nudges,” and the second exhibit illustrates Prospect Theory.

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