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University of Chicago — School of Social Service Administration

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

The building, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1963, represents the only Mies designed building on the University of Chicago campus. The University approached us to restore the building's entire steel and glass facade, which showed considerable rust, glass breakage, and discoloration after almost 45 years of continuous use.

The restoration included removing and replacing all exterior glass and steel stops in the building, sandblasting, and repairing all steel at the curtain wall assembly and repainting the exterior steel.

The team's goal was to maintain Mies’s renowned sense of lightness, transparency, and impeccable details as closely as possible. This was accomplished while improving the building’s paint system, waterproofing details, and adding safety glazing to meet today’s stringent engineering requirements.

The project was accomplished during the school’s summer break, giving the design and construction team only 10 weeks to mobilize, remediate the damage, demobilize, and turn the building over for fall classes.

The team accomplished this through careful pre-construction planning, extensive forensic investigation, and the evaluation of full-scale on-site mock-ups before construction.

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