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University of Illinois at Chicago — College of Medicine Learning Center

Chicago, IL

Photography: Hedrich Blessing

Built early in the 1930s, the facility had experienced many years of smaller ad-hoc renovations. Our team identified UIC’s space type and technology requirements through intensive programming and visioning sessions — this was key to achieve the right results.

​Aided by a faculty steering committee, a COM technology team, and six student representatives, building systems requirements and program components were prioritized. Design options were measured against the budget.

Through deep research, we gained a greater knowledge of best-practices for medical education and the technology required to support its cutting-edge strategies.

​Registered with the certification goal of LEED® GOLD

The greatest alteration occurred to the existing auditorium. The two-story auditorium sloped concrete floor was demolished and replaced with a new floor to create two new team-based active learning spaces. The lower auditorium was updated to provide a state-of-the-art lecture space. Windows were uncovered and replaced to improve lighting and promote building efficiency, and all building systems were replaced to optimize energy use and keep everyone comfortable throughout the year.

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Simulation labs and technically-loaded spaces were equipped with the latest services and AV systems, including distance learning links with COM campuses in Rockford, Peoria, and Urbana — combined, creating the largest College of Medicine in the United States.

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