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Illinois Institute of Technology — S.R. Crown Hall Restoration

Chicago, IL


CAF, Patron of the Year - Illinois Institute of Technology

Landmarks Preservation Council of IL, Project of the Year

AIA Chicago Chapter, Honor Award

Commission-Chicago Landmarks, Preservation Excellence

Photography: Bill ZBaren | Todd Eberle

This masterpiece of modern architecture required restoration and renovation after nearly fifty years of continuous use.

As both a city of Chicago Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, each element of the project underwent a rigorous team, client, and peer review process.

The building’s original details needed restoring while satisfying stringent historic preservation requirements and ensuring architectural, landscape, and mechanical strategies met environmental goals.

The project included total restoration of the main classroom level, exterior restoration, and complete glass replacement. Restoration of the original surrounding landscape and major sustainability enhancements were also completed as part of the project.

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The renovation included infrastructure changes to accommodate increased enrollment.

Decisions were based on analysis and energy-saving strategies for efficient operations.

Diagrams by Atelier Ten

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