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Shure Inc. — Great Hall

Chicago, IL


AIA Chicago Chapter, Interior Architecture Award

Photography: Steve Hall | Hedrich Blessing | Bill Zbaren

Shure is a leader in its field because of the dedication of the people that work there, the products they create, and the values they all share. These values originated with founder Sidney N. Shure, were carried forward by former Chairman, Rose Shure, and continue on today. The exhibit, called the Great Hall, was a culmination of several years of planning spearheaded by Rose Shure, who wanted to create a special area as a gift to all the associates past and present.

The exhibit centered on reimagining a previously underutilized pedestrian thoroughfare within the existing headquarters building, adjacent to the cafeteria and strategically located by the main entrance to the campus. A visible display of the company’s remarkable historical archive, the exhibit grew during programming to be an exceptional story.

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Through concept creation, the idea developed into an exhibit with three segments: a tribute to associates, an archival timeline, and an iconic display — continuous insight into the company’s values and history to visitors and employees alike.

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