C40 180527 Front Render

C40 Competition — 2018

Chicago, IL


Campbell Coyle – Developer, Omni Ecosystems – Landscape & Building, Atelier Ten – Sustainability, Luftwerk – Artist, Terry Guen Design Associates – Landscape Architect Groundplane, Skender – Construction Manager, David Mason – Civil Engineering

Krueck Sexton Partners – Lead & Architect

A Strategic Site for a Catalytic Prototype

In Chicago’s East Garfield Park site, we believe the answer lies in — catalyzing community

The neighborhood has experienced underinvestment for decades — resulting in a shortage of opportunities today. Beyond affordability, we created a model for self-sufficiency. A place to Work & Live, which is carbon neutral for the Long Run.

A Prototype for Flexibility & Scalability — Meeting changing needs drives long-term resilience.

Affordable and Healthy Living — A mix of unit sizes, each connected to the outdoors. Prefabricated housing units based on passive house methodology.