Steel + Glass House 44624 Hr6

A Steel and Glass House

Chicago, IL


AIA National Honor Award

American Institute of Steel Construction — National Building Award for Innovative Structural Steel

Pittsburgh Corning PC Glass Block — National Architectural Design Award

Photography: Bill Hedrich | Hedrich Blessing, Barbar Karant | Abbey Sadin, Phillip Turner, Timothy Hursley

In 1981 our first client approached us, asking for a light-filled, single-family home in an unlikely location: an urban renewal site, three blocks from a public housing project.

At that time, postmodernism — a school of architecture that often favored personality and decoration over purpose — was the prevailing architectural style. The Steel and Glass House bucked this trend, hewing closely to the client’s desire for a house in the middle of a city that offered the same amenities, private space, and indoor-outdoor connection of a suburban home.

The result was the creation of a tailored, deeply personal, sensorial, and emotionally comfortable space.

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The house became a bellwether for American residential architecture’s return to its modernist roots and inspired continued development within the community.

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