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The Square at International Square

Washington, D.C.

Photography: Anton Grassl, Anton Grassl Photography

Photography: Scott Suchman

Anchored by a D.C. Metro stop at the southeast corner of International Square, the new Food Market creates a vibrant extension of the street. The 19th street ground floor façade incorporates mega-scale, awning-style glazed, overhead doors opening the building to the neighborhood with a corresponding plan which allows cross-views to the 12-story atrium, a cultural hub lined by food vendors and event space.

Opening the façade created the opportunity to reconsider the atrium mechanical system strategy. This involved incorporating an automated natural ventilation system to take advantage of Washington D.C.’s temperate climate to save energy while remaining comfortable for occupants.

A place for all the senses.

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The project heightens the sense of place by connecting to its environment. By creating a naturally ventilated space we connect people to the outdoors and save energy.

The ground floor and atrium create a welcoming environment, reducing mechanical cooling for 50% of the year.

Automated louvers, guided by a weather station, and ceiling and wall fans enhance comfort, reducing energy demand by 30%. The repurposed atrium smoke exhaust system augments natural ventilation. Stall designs use a custom wood peg-board system, allowing easy modifications, while the centralized kitchen minimizes the need for complex stall setups.

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The food operator sought a structured yet open spectrum of stalls for the local artisan food vendors. The stall system created a unified identity that allowed each of the unique food vendors to establish their own character within the space.

Bringing nature in.

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International Square 2
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A radical transformation (before)

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Creating a rich, urban paysage connecting the city

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