Frank LW RENDERING Exterior Option 2

Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center

Oak Park, IL

Three site solutions were developed for this competition, creating a quiet design language that complemented the original Frank Lloyd Wright building. Integrated into the landscape and respectful of the neighborhood’s residential fabric, each option afforded a distinct visitor experience.

Located in the heart of the Village of Oak Park and across the street from an Elementary school and park, the building would provide a community-friendly gathering space that is usable during all seasons.

Amenities included a retail shop, restrooms, and a rentable event center with catering support. The new center's primary entrance faced the Home and Studio connected by a landscaped outdoor plaza. The area would double as space for events and create an orientation area in the museum campus.

Envisioned to expand on-site programs and create a gallery area for display, the buildings included a central reception and information center for all the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust sites. This would transform the Home and Studio site into a significant and full-service destination to improve and enrich the visitor experience.

We also kept Anna’s House (Wright’s mother’s home) for conversion to office space, with a new residential-scaled office building for the Trust’s staff.

Frank LW SITE PLAN Option 2
Frank LW ELEVATION Option 2
Frank LW RENDERING Interior Option 2