30 W 1388 001

30 W. Oak Street

Chicago, IL

Photograpy: Kendall McCaugherty | Hall+Merrick

To maintain and enhance this 24-story high-rise condominium tower's premier status, the experience of the public spaces needed revival. We began the capital improvements project with an extensive study of traffic flow, an analysis of underutilized space, elevator lobbies, and building amenities.

Although it is a narrow lobby, opportunities for enhancement were many. We analyzed the flow of traffic, delivery logistics, lighting, and durability of finishes, and created a comprehensive plan for improving the experience of all who utilize the building.

Before & After

The back-lit glass wall of doors resolved two challenges, concealing the boxes and deliveries that are a constant of any building, while enhancing the environment with adjustable levels of light — a compliment to the simple, modern, and clean space.

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30 W 1388 004
30 W 1388 003v2
30 W 1388 002