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U.S. Embassy — Port Moresby

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Illustrations: Krueck Sexton Partners

A rapidly expanding Papua New Guinea economy increased U.S. investment and business interests. This caused the program of an already under-construction embassy to become inadequate.

We joined the KCCT project team as design architects for the expanded Embassy campus, including an office annex, Marine residence, landscaping, and other facilities for the Embassy community.

Building orientation and shading were optimized to reduce solar heat gain from the intense tropical sun. External sun shades, pervasive in local building construction, shade the expansive windows and provide a low-glare environment.

The design is largely a climate and place-driven solution defined by its civic quality and approach to sustainability and human comfort.

Designing with regional materials and incorporating performance measures like on-site rainwater collection & treatment and solar power generation will create a nearly self-sufficient compound.

The landscape design plays a very important role in the project, restoring the desolate infill site to a lush parcel representative of Papua New Guinea. Knitting the compound into the fabric of the broader community.

Port Moresby - Site
Port Moresby Gallery
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The Recreation Building is a simple white tile structure is positioned adjacent to the bar and dining terrace. The plinth, a seamless extension of the pool deck, creates a stage with a louvered veil shielding the bar functions from the ceremonial outdoor space — a backdrop for outdoor events.

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