1919 view09 East Box a02

1919 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington DC

Contemporary lobbies are at a self-critical stage. The familiar entrance areas of the 60s to 2000s are commonly overt and intimidating without function outside being a security checkpoint before getting into the elevator.

Today's workers demand a new paradigm. The 1919 Lobby renovation turns the dated dysfunction of the 70s lobby into a space that responds to the market’s need for comfortable, social living space.

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1919 view05 a03

The basic components needed for these spaces are identity, comfort, and opportunities for a sense of community. Our budget-conscious design allowed the singular focus to be on the undulating plywood ceiling, creating a unique identity.

1919 view02 a08

We expose the existing concrete and add clean drywall details, creating a neutral backdrop for the comfortable living room furniture.

Coffee is provided to complement the restrained experience. The lobby’s program includes quiet focus spaces below the mezzanine overhangs, open lounge spaces, communal table areas, and a conference center for group collaboration.

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