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190 S. Lasalle

Chicago, IL

Photography: Kendall McCaugherty | Hall+Merrick

We honor the architect's original design intent in our renovation projects, and this building is no exception. Originally designed by Philip Johnson and built in 1987, 190 S. Lasalle needed a refresh. Our goal was to bring it back to its minimalist state while enabling it to support the needs of those who use the lobby today.

To attract the best tenants, buildings need to evolve. The lobby is now an alternate place to work and socialize, with spaces filled with amenities with a sense of community and gathering. Areas intended for five days of the week are reimagined as user-friendly destinations for work and non-work service. This lobby also serves as event and wedding space, so maintaining the high level of finishes was critical.

Changes were subtle, and we kept the space's envelope as it was initially built.

  • What might seem simple, upgrading the lighting over to LED required multiple mockups and temperature studies, changes to the structure of the fixtures behind existing grills, and fine detailing to executive the lighting design while reducing glare — over an even lighting experience
  • We designed furniture that fit seamlessly into the architecture — adding spaces to sit and enjoy the coffee and work in an alternate setting.
  • Circulation and security were re-evaluated through flow studies, ensuring the safety of those entering their workspace.
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