130 North Franklin 02

130 North Franklin

Chicago, IL

Krueck Sexton Partners

​Heralding a new generation of the workplace, this building is a unique opportunity for tenants to experience the urban fabric. With open spaces that become the street-level focus, the design provides much-needed openness to pedestrians.

Envelope performance — the ultimate in sustainable design, and a dynamically articulated glass-clad exterior open the world to the building’s occupants while flooding workspaces with an abundance of daylight, yielding a higher ratio of perimeter access to daylight.

Rising 50 stories above Chicago’s West Loop, the elegant shape and proportion of this stunning glass tower incorporate the latest advancements in building-façade technology. The faceted shape provides views both perpendicular and parallel to the street grid.

​Encompassing the entire Franklin Street block, the façade is complemented by two open landscaped plazas that enliven the streetscape and provide respite. The lobby is set back at ground level, creating a covered arcade that connects into plazas accentuating the building’s vertical rise. The lobby soars 50 feet high, flooded with natural light. Far above the street, the seventh-floor landscaped SkyPark becomes a unique on-site conference center and destination for tenants to gather.

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