Don Semple



Don Semple

Purposeful yet inquisitive, Don is driven by a natural curiosity. His long-term client relationships reflect his thoughtfulness and ongoing commitment to their success.

Constantly exploring new ways to use technology to push the limits of design, Don's background in construction, woodworking, and sculpture informs his approach to design visualization, detailing, and craftsmanship.

Don’s diverse project experience includes the Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning & Leadership, U.S. Embassy — Nairobi, Center for Medicare & Medicaid, Reston Crossing, and the Grogan | Dove FBI Federal Building.

A resident of Logan Square, he is part of a grassroots team of citizens spearheading the creation of a multi-modal, pedestrian-friendly urban experience to improve safety for visitors and commuters.

Don earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Kansas State University. He serves as an instructor at Northwestern University and teaches online classes for Black Spectacles.

Don Semple