Maria's love for architecture began as a child during summer visits to Greece. Envisioning what the beautiful old structures could be repurposed into was one of her favorite pastimes. She joined the architecture field because of the opportunities to answer the "what if..?" questions.

Maria received her Bachelor of Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, a Master of Architecture from Columbia University, and a Master of Science in Emergent Technologies & Design from the Architectural Association. During her EmTech program studies, she investigated and analyzed biological systems and organisms and abstracted their internal organization principles for application to an architectural or structural material system. Ultimately, these new systems can be scaled and applied to different industries, not just architecture.

Utilizing these new tools, Maria expanded her architecture knowledge working at firms in Philadelphia, Boston, and Atlanta, gaining higher education, cultural, and government experience.

Her favorite part of living in Chicago is the Lake. When she's not working, her goal is to be traveling.

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